KLR Deodorant Crystals (Our Low Cost Refills)

KLR Deodorant Crystal Refills are the same potassium alum product with a different preservative and antibacterial agent and without the added propylene glycol (an organic compound in the alcohol family used to help solubilize potassium alum and create that silky feel during application.  The FDA has categorized propylene glycol as a food additive "generally recognized as safe").  KLR Deodorant Crystal Refill is just as effective as the original KLR Deodorant but in dry climates it can dry out over time and leave a very fine white residue of mineral salt crystals along the edge of the air-exposed applicator.  If that occurs these can be cleaned off easily by rinsing the applicator under warm water and then pressing out excess water from the pad to speed air drying.  Using KLR Deodorant Crystal Refills makes this one of the most economical deodorants available.  And you get all the benefits of the best deodorant applicator on the market!