About Us

History of KLR Deodorant:  
KLR deodorant began with a rash.  The rash was caused by chronically irritated skin…underarm skin….from a deodorant/antiperspirant that at first seemed effective, but within weeks not only caused burning, irritated skin but also began to leave stains on shirts.   The rash was bad enough that the skin owner had to go without ANY deodorant/antiperspirant for more than a week to allow the rash to subside.  During that time this person became a motivated shopper, and looked at EVERYTHING available on the shelves to address the deodorant/perspiration problem.  In the end, several different products were tried.  But one product seemed to do as well as any of the others and be the most gentle of all.  That was a crystallized mineral salt, a salt of alum.  It was called a deodorant.  This product was used for years as the deodorant of choice and worked well.  But the product had drawbacks.  Sometimes it was hard to find in the stores.  It was messy.  You had to wet it and then try to wipe the wet surface on your skin, while it dripped down your hand and arm.  As you used the product, the size of the crystal would shrink, and it would come loose from its holder.  Then eventually it would fall out of the holder.  And if it fell on the floor, it would shatter, creating a mess and sending you back to the store for more. 
Twenty years went by.  This person, who had started and run several businesses, was still using the same deodorant product.  One morning while opening up a container of deodorant it slipped, dropping the deodorant crystal on the floor and he watched it shatter into hundreds of pieces.  Determined to use some of that mineral crystal, he took a few big pieces of the shattered remains to the kitchen, crushed them with a rolling pin, and mixed them in tap water.  After a few minutes, he took some of that solution and used it as his deodorant.  This makeshift product worked for the next week until he got back to the store to buy more.  But that incident left him thinking about the vulnerabilities of the product he was using and the possibility of creating something new and different that would utilize a better applicator method for that favorite deodorant product.  That thought process seemed easy but it actually took years of tinkering with ideas and designs before a simple intuitive applicator for a liquid deodorant product emerged.  It took another 4 years to secure patents and functional designs, and then it took more time to translate those designs into an applicator that could actually be mass-produced.  Simultaneously, work with formulating pharmacists was required to produce a water-based alum mineral deodorant with stabilizers and preservatives that all worked well together.   The end result of these efforts is the new product, KLR deodorant, that we sell today.