Design Innovation

Design Innovation:    
The KLR applicator is simple and ergonomically designed.  The applicator is shaped as a partial hemisphere with an internal handle on the convex side to allow for easy handling and compact storage.  The brush head has a cotton underlayment that absorbs the deodorant product and dispenses it in just the right amount over the skin surface.  Before using the product, remove the plastic liner placed between the brush head and the strainer.  The plastic liner is used to keep the unused brush head dry (for shipping purposes only, to create a tight seal to fully prevent leakage during shipping).  The amount of liquid deodorant on the brush head can be adjusted to individual preference simply by placing the brush in the strainer, holding it in place while shaking the container to wet the brush head (or simply turn the whole thing upside down holding the brush tightly against the strainer and wait a few seconds), and then gently pressing the brush head against the strainer to wring out some of the excess deodorant liquid before application.  If you want more deodorant, wring it out less.  If you want less deodorant, wring it out more.  It’s that simple.

The applicator will not drip product.  It applies a thin layer of deodorant - just the right amount - with just a swipe or two, but not so much that it will run down your skin.  This works so well in fact that the first time you use the applicator, you may think that its not working.  You can easily test the applicator function by running your finger over the dry skin BEFORE you apply the product.  Then, after the application, run your finger over your skin to feel the difference!  You'll be amazed how well the applicator works!!